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The Eh Team

Our favorite podcast, these Canadian Mofo’s are funny as shit and actually have good stuff to say about magic seriously go check them out, it doesn’t get better than this. Oh yeah the picture of their logo is clickable, click it you wont be disappointed.

Heavy Meta

Can we have a tie for favorite podcast? Kevy Metal and Matty Studios, talk about their dicks, your dick, and their girlfriends dick so that pretty much covers everything. If you want to laugh your ass off while still getting your magic fix this is where you get it. This picture is clickable too, you know the drill.

The Meadery

The Meadery is a new social network for magic specifically, the layout is sweet, the site looks bad ass, and they’ve got real content that is put there by people who love the game, not people who are paid to put it there. Click the picture,vwe love these guys.