Put your life on it…

Whether you’re a scrub at FNM or an aspiring Pro Tour Spike, we all have the same thing in common, we bleed and breathe this game. Our products are geared to those who want to get more into their game by legitimizing Magic as a lifestyle, and not a closet hobby. We do this by creating products that are both functional but also look pretty damn sick. Sign in Blood® was created to give you a more compact and functional Magic: The Gathering® life counter (we are in no way endorsed by Wizards of the Coast®) that is small, convenient, and stylish. Until now, the typical player would have to use a notepad that is big, bulky, cumbersome, or is just plain inconvenient. This is the problem we wanted to remedy. Notebooks aside, we strive to be more. In the future we plan to bring you apparel and other accessories to put a shine on your game.

Bottom line, we play Magic and we want to look good doing it.